Vision & Mission

Improving Operational Efficiency Through Custom IT Solutions

Creative Technology and Management Services (CTMS)

The Idea People for Cost-Efficient Technology

Vision Statement

The Vision of Creative Technology and Management Services (CTMS) is to be an innovative catalyst to drive critical thinking and planning for information technology and management by utilizing 21st century and legacy tools to develop customized and streamlined systems that enhance organizational efficiency and client responsiveness to achieve cost savings while realizing a return on investment (ROI).

Our vision also includes a strong Cybersecurity defense by offering the training and utilization of the latest techniques to try and curtail ways of destroying your business, government, etc. by having (1) total remote control of your local or cloud computer center infrastructure and/or (2) the ability to sell to underground entities your bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. and then be made public.

The ransom demanded is very expensive as just in one year recently billions of dollars have been paid out by free nation entities.

Core Values

Integrity ~ Listening to and understanding a client’s needs with an emphasis on confidentiality to provide results-driven customized systems that reduce costs

Innovation ~ Exploring and analyzing business systems in depth with management and line employees to drive efficient and effective solutions

Collaboration ~ Creating a team to streamline information technology processes to maintain a competitive edge

Return on Investment (ROI) ~ Providing a professional and worthwhile engagement that enhances employee’s skills, satisfaction, and productivity resulting in your customers and employees having a more positive experience with your organization

Mission Statement

The Mission of Creative Technology and Management Services (CTMS) is to listen to, and understand, the client’s needs regarding efficiency and effectiveness to reduce expenses and enhance the bottom line through technology and management solutions with a particular focus on Return on Investment (ROI).


James A. Dobbs,

Captain of Police (Deceased)

After I was tasked with upgrading the Bureau’s communications and record keeping capabilities, Bob created a modern system using computer technology, automated files, and information retrieval techniques that became the stand for many other police departments.

James C. Wysocki,

Tucson Police Department (Retired)

Bob’s founding of the Pima County area’s Justice Partners group, a cross-jurisdictional effort on behalf of all criminal justice agencies, provided for automatic information sharing, including electronic law enforcement reports, file transfers, and video conferencing, that led to a level of cooperation among city and county agencies that had not occurred before, along with saving time and money.

Stephen R. Reed

Mayor (Deceased)

Dear Bob:

Many thanks for your very kind and thoughtful letter, received on April 12th. I wanted you to know that your encouraging words — along with the exceptional service you have provided to this city for many years -- remain much appreciated and continue to serve as inspiration. To be sure, it has been an arduous course on which we have both been engaged during this time. The end result — a much improved city of Harrisburg during the current era — makes all the time and effort expended worth it.

As previously related, I will be very pleased to serve as a reference for you with any prospective employer or others.

I appreciate, as well, your kind invitation to be of service to the city whenever we would need it. We will not bother you with trivia hut, as and w hen a circumstance would arise in which your skills and time could he well spent, you can he certain that your generous offer will be taken up.

Know that you have my personal and this city's continued support and gratitude for the honesty, integrity, hard work and high achievements which remain your legacy here.

With warmest personal regards, I am

Yours sincerely,

Stephen R. Reed


Alfred R. Isopi

Assistant Superintendent of Schools (Retired)

Dear Bob:

It has been my pleasure to know Robert L. Morrison for over 20 years. Throughout this time he has proven to be a dedicated employee with a strong work ethic. His unquestionable character and integrity would make him an asset to any employer. He is a self-motivated individual who has furthered his education. He has even recently pursued courses in technology to better prepare himself for the workplace.

I would recommend Mr. Morrison without question. If you would like to talk with me personally, please contact me at (717)737-6608.

Yours sincerely,

Alfred R. Isopi