Why Partner With CTMS

Increase Operational Productivity With Information Management

Businesses and CTMS

  • Reducing Costs and Increasing the Bottom Line

    • Tracking and Retrieving Revenue and Expenses on Demand

  • Increasing Productivity through Motivated and Satisfied Employees

    • Processing and Analyzing Information

  • Communicating with Customers

    • Responding to Inquiries and Solving Problems

  • Streamlining Business Systems

    • Placing and Tracking Orders / Billing / Secure Payments / Automated Responses

  • Enhancing Building Security with Biometrics

    • ID Cards / Fingerprints / Palm Prints

  • Securing True Signon of Employee

    • Utilizing Biometric Fingerprint or Palmprint to Sign Onto Computer System
    • FIDO (Fast Identity Online)

Government and CTMS

  • Enhancing Public Safety

    • First Responder (Police/Fire/Ambulance), Critical Personnel and Citizen Communication
    • Creating 21st century regional and/or individual department paperless/paper systems.
    • Utilizing both inside desk computers and police/fire vehicles equipped with car computers on stands.
    • Able to accept police and fire dispatches from your Dispatch Centers
    • Able to enter paperless reports and be approved by supervisors, etc.
    •  Allowing with security measures (VPN, Encryption, USER ID, to have full capability of all systems required from home, courts, meeting areas, etc. Note: Must have WI-FI or WAN (Wide Area Network) etc. available.

  • Streamlining and Protecting Data For All Organizational Systems

    • Tax Collection / Utilities / Fines

  • Electronic Filing and Transactions

    • Item line with Revenue Such as Payments for Tax Collections, Utilities, Fine and Cost Warrants, Deeds, Licenses, plus many other areas you may be involved in. Fire, Police, Taxes, Revenue, Accounting, Utilities, Fines, plus other areas you may be involved in.

  • Allocating Tax Dollars with Transparency

    • Government Programs and Services

  • Protecting data with 21st century technology so you can use your critical data to make better informed decisions

Education and CTMS

  • Sharing Data Within a One-Platform System

    • Electronic Records Management

  • Merging Data

    • Automated Management Reports – Student Records / Finances

  • Increasing Transparency for Citizens and Staff

    • Board, Students, Parents, Staff, Taxpayers, and Business Community Communication
    • Taxes and Per Pupil Expenditures

Nonprofits and CTMS

  • Minimizing Operational Costs to Maximize Programs and Services

    • Mailing/E-mailing Systems Newsletters / Programs / Events

  • Engaging Members and Stakeholders

    • Contact Management Systems – Donors / Volunteers / Stakeholders

  • Maximize Transparency and Automation

    • Donations / Budgets / Allocations

21st Century Knowledge and Expertise
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Your Organizational Success is CTMS Success!

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