Improving Your Company’s Systems and Security

Reliable Electronic Records Management and Cybersecurity Services

Improving Your Company’s Systems and Security

Reliable Electronic Records Management and Cybersecurity Services

Information Technology Services for Your Business Needs

Creative Technology and Management Services (CTMS) provides information management and technology services, including Cybersecurity, and streamlined, digital paperless systems, to business, non-profit, educational, and government entities.  Primarily located in Central and Eastern, PA, Maryland, and Delaware.

Our team will provides clients with customized programming and well-thought-out systems design for your organization’s detailed training through classroom and one on one discussions. The purpose is to provide a good learning experience that may be new to them so they can feel in command of the new technology implemented.

Client engagement includes training personnel on all systems developed utilizing a proprietary teaching tool we call "Innovation in Technology and Management". This highly effective teaching tool gives all participants the necessary information to feel in command of the new technology implemented.

Our delivered product streamlines systems, creates efficiency, allow customer satisfaction (CX), raises employee morale

  • Specializing in Electronic Records Management (Paperless Systems) and cybersecurity training for internal personnel.
  • Inspiring Innovative Communications
  • Driving Results by Planning and Solving Problems
  • Improving Efficiency Through Inquiry
  • Enhancing Individual Potential and Team Dynamics
  • Increasing Your Bottom Line
  • Specializing in Electronic Records Management (Paperless Systems)
  • Inspiring Innovative Communications
  • Driving Results by Planning and Solving Problems
  • Improving Efficiency Through Inquiry
  • Enhancing Individual Potential and Team Dynamics
  • Increasing Your Bottom Line
  • How valuable is your organizational information?
  • How are you collecting, sharing, and analyzing data?
  • How are you maximizing information technology to enhance efficiency?
  • How are you competing in the global marketplace?
  • What if you could modify or develop new systems to increase revenue?
  • How are you protecting your Computer Center infrastructure (DNS servers, program servers, web servers, data storage devices, routers, etc.) from a cyber-security attack?
  • How are employees being trained to become part of avoiding a cybersecurity attack?

About Us

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in various phases of developing Information Technology systems. We specialize in providing businesses and government sectors with professional electronic records management and cybersecurity services.

Our Principal and Owner

Bob Morrison has been reading materials about cybersecurity for more than 2 year and has listened to more than 100 webinars about the topic. He also recently received a certificate from Harvard University in Cybersecurity Managing Risk in the Information Age after an intense 10-week study course.

What We Do

Free Consultation

We set up a meeting and sit down with your top-level managers to discuss the problems your business is facing. Once we’ve come up with a plan, you can decide if you want to proceed.

Insight-Driven Research

Our team interviews your company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  Chief Information Officer (CIO), top-level managers, and line employees on how your business operates. We ask them for suggestions on how it can be improved. With their input, we provide you with solutions and systems that can yield a positive ROI.

Customized Approaches

We take our time in creating tailored plans to ensure we meet your needs and increase your ROI. Our team focuses on the quality of the services we provide rather than making a quick profit.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Ensuring your company’s data security is no easy feat. Your business would need proper staffing to make sure every department is exposed to the best cybersecurity efforts. We provide programs that teach your employees the importance of data security, how to prevent a data breach, and what to do during a cyberattack.


Training Courses Offered

Innovation in Technology and Management

This program consists of classroom training for 2 days a week for 2 weeks, each session being 3 to 4 hours a day. We discuss topics like management, cybersecurity, cellphones, and how they can affect you and your business.

Improving Leadership

Our courses are designed to help you understand the benefits and risks of modern technology and new management. We believe that a change in leadership is necessary because it allows your business to grow.

Helping You Succeed

With our training programs, your team can learn how to improve their efficiency and strive for competitiveness. Employees are more open to the benefits of our classes when they realize that it’s for their success.

We’re available to respond to challenges from the change in management or new government agency regulations requiring better computerized reporting systems. Our team holds regular meetings with upper management to give them progress updates.

Protect Company Information

To help promote data security, we provide our clients with electronic signs, short computer screen messages, and frequent group training sessions. This makes employees become aware of the importance of cybersecurity.

Data security threats such as phishing attacks become easily detectable with these efforts. In case a data breach happens, you can immediately file a report to your IT department.

What the IT Department Must Do

Your company’s Information Technology office should be able to apply the necessary patches to your equipment from various infrastructure vendors within 24 hours. This could constantly happen on a daily basis.

CTMS’ Innovative Thinking and Processes

Offering Results-Driven Customized Systems

  • Document Management
  • Electronic Records Management
  • Paper on Demand

Ensuring Compliance and Security and Remote Secure Backup

  • Cloud Computing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • ID Cards and Biometrics

Accessing Accurate Data and Responding to Customers

  • File Transfers
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Robust Data Centers

Reducing Costs and Enhancing Efficiency

Together, we will explore and implement innovative solutions to streamline business systems and information technology processes to drive your organization to its fullest potential.


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