Why Partner With Creative Technology and Management Services (CTMS)?


The Idea People for Cost Efficient Technology



Businesses & CTMS


Government & CTMS

Education & CTMS

Nonprofits & CTMS

Businesses & CTMS


Reducing Costs & Increasing the Bottom Line

      Tracking and Retrieving Revenue and Expenses on Demand


Increasing Productivity through Motivated & Satisfied Employees

      Processing and Analyzing Information


Communicating with Customers

      Responding to Inquiries and Solving Problems


Streamlining Business Systems

      Placing and Tracking Orders / Billing / Secure Payments / Automated Responses


Enhancing Building Security with Biometrics

      ID Cards / Fingerprints / Palm Prints


Government & CTMS


Enhancing Public Safety

      First Responder (Police/Fire/Ambulance), Critical Personnel and Citizen Communication


Streamlining Data & Organizational Systems

      Tax Collection / Utilities / Fines


Electronic Filing & Transactions

      Payments / Deeds / Licenses / Arrest Warrants


Allocating Tax Dollars with Transparency

      Government Programs and Services



Education & CTMS


Sharing data within a one-platform system

      Electronic Records Management


Merging Data

      Automated Management Reports- student records/finances


Increasing Transparency for Citizens and Staff

      Increasing Transparency for Citizens and Staff


      Board, Students, Parents, Staff, Taxpayers, and Business Community Communication


      Taxes and Per Pupil Expenditures



Nonprofits & CTMS


Minimizing Operational Costs to Maximize Programs and Services

      Mailing/eMailing Systems Newsletters / Programs / Events


Engaging Members and Stakeholders

      Contact Management Systems – Donors / Volunteers / Stakeholders


Maximize Transparency and Automation

        Donations / Budgets / Allocations



21st Century Knowledge & Expertise

Creating Electronic and Paperless Solutions that Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity!


Your Organizational Success is CTMS Success!


Information & Paper on Demand


Driving a Return on Investment (ROI)

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