Return on Investment

  • Innovative Complex Systems

    Savings = +$200,000 per year after initial investment over 4 years.  Developed potential paperless systems and electronic file transfers to eliminate County Attorney duplication of data entry. Implemented biometrics. Planned for future scanning of a limited amount of paper documents that could be received.

  • Biometric Signatures

    All people were required to sign-on to their personal computers and laptops with a biometric device which eliminated user ID and passwords.  Developed an algorithm in place of a signature when document prepared at the computer could be transferred to the Pima County Superior Court with a secured signature.

  • Document Management (Imaging) System

    Savings = +$100,000.00 per year. Researched, evaluated options, and created a 55 point questionnaire for vendor bidding. Allowed for E-Discovery of document(s) based upon specific search criteria.

  • Video Conferencing

    Savings = +$50,000 after initial investment over 2 years. Researched and selected an internal video conferencing system saving the County Attorney 365 hours each year in travel to the local jail. Allowed nationwide interviewing of defendants, witnesses, and victims.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

    Savings = +$60,000 after initial investment over 3 years. Allowed fast transmission of data and created high efficiency delivery to personnel using automated systems. Achieved 98% up time over County’s fiber (gigabit) optic network. Updated software, replaced or expanded network equipment, procured blade servers and storage area networks. Locally controlled all servers at disaster recovery and remote central sites.

  • Remote Access

    Savings = +$25,000 per year.  Coordinated development of new laptop software. Allowing personnel to securely access their desktop and classified information from anywhere in the United States.

  • Skills of Technical and Programming

    Savings = + $26,000 per year after initial investment over 1 year. Promoted educational classes in Cisco switch and router training, Windows Exchange 2007, and SMS (Systems Management Server) which assisted in a 98% network up time rate and the implementation of a fail over disaster recovery site. Elevated all servers to Windows Server 2003.  Programmers went to Microsoft Visual Studio courses such as interactive web development allowing surveys and emails.

  • Standardization of Programming

    Savings = +$100,000 per year after initial investment over 1 year. Able to implement new systems in Microsoft Visual Studio. Instilled the need to view a “Big Picture” approach and develop system sharing across Civil and Criminal Division boundaries to allow everyone access to Office information. Mandated electronic file transfers between all Criminal Justice agencies. Strengthened security for new systems.

  • Strategic Planning

    Savings = +$50,000 per year after initial investment over 4 years. Played a key role in a Criminal Division Strategic Planning session where 75% of the designated items were for Information Technology to gain performance involvement.

  • Turn Around Directive-Change Management

    Savings = +$100,000 per year after initial investment over 1.5 years. Reversed an Information Technology Bureau with high turnover  to one with career staffing, qualified personnel, and competitive wages. Increased programming efficiency by 30% using a standardized 4th generation language. Repeatedly showed that internally developed systems across the City outperformed and gave lower costs compared to a multitude of siloed systems.  Developed 4 major program areas (Revenue, Public Safety, Billing and Personnel).

  • Innovative Complex Systems

    Savings = +$100,000 per year. Rapidly accelerated enterprise, innovative, online 90% to 95% paperless systems. Systems interacted across all Departments and outside agencies.

  • Treasury System

    Savings = +$50,000 per year. Instituted billing revenue statements with bar codes and readers at each teller station resulting quicker customer service and better teller productivity. Daily transfer of electronic files to main computer system to update customer records. Lowered labor costs by close to 20% by procuring equipment to automatically open envelopes.

  • Tax and Utility Invoice Systems

    Revised both systems to make them internally paperless with quick and efficient terminal inquiries and updates for customer satisfaction. Electronic transfers of all payments offered to any entity with more than 10 accounts. Delinquent water shut off program yielded over $200,000 in revenue the first year.

  • Police METRO Records System

    Savings = +$600,000 per year. Developed and implemented with internal staff one of the most extensive and innovative online law enforcement records systems in the nation (95% paperless). Due to innovations and great labor savings, system was designated a new metropolitan standard (METRO) and eventually had 37 regional Criminal Justice participating agencies. Manual data entry reduced. Instituted regional car terminals with same functionality as a desktop. Installed one of the first Biometric Fingerprint Systems (AFIS) in PA. Taught over 120 classes on METRO and NCIC (National Crime Information Center).

  • Fire Reporting System

    Savings = +$6,000 per year. Developed an online Fire Reporting system with desktops and high speed printers resulting in faster decisions in life threatening emergencies. Printed location and map information for major buildings to take to the scene for firefighter safety when a call was broadcast to a fire station. Placed fax machines in Battalion Chiefs’ vehicles using wireless technology to send hazardous information from their central dispatch.

  • Human Resource System

    Savings = +$18,000 per year. Developed a 90% paperless system for applications, evaluations, leave time, pay raises, disciplinary actions, time sheets, payroll checks.  Connect system to cars and desktops and police and fire systems. A Risk Management system implemented to track cases and reduce costs.

  • Codes Administration

    Savings = +$55,000 per year. Implemented a 98% paperless system where all Codes complaints, health, plumbing, electrical licenses, and inspections, etc.  were fully automated shared with other agencies.

  • Emergency Management

    Deputy Emergency Management Director.  Participated in all emergency management drills and emergency callouts for snow, floods, etc.  Working with the Emergency Management Director upgraded the Emergency Management Center where new equipment was installed including computer terminals, police and fire radios, and televisions.


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