Innovation in Technology and Management Course

4 to 8 weeks in length. Depends upon number of classes per week which will not exceed two (2).

Class will touch on many current topics, such as BYOD, Security, The Cloud, Mobile Phones, electronic files vs. paper files, change management, what makes a good manager and leader, why do we need technology today, etc.  In addition 1/2 of each class is centered around discussion on how to solve your present business system problems that are given to you confidentially.



What To Do With Paper Records After Realizing the Benefits and Converting to a More Efficient Electronic System Mini Course

A 90 minute course which includes a special Power Point slide on symptoms of how you know when your paper records are not achieving the results you need.



Innovation and What It Means

I consider innovation to be any technology including Information Technology systems that can be implemented to save time, create efficiency and return a positive return on investment (ROI) to the organization implementing it.



Payback for Efficiency Systems – Time Is Money

Like successful CEO’s, senior level appointed or elected officials (state government, local government, county government, school districts, authorities, etc.) must recognize in order to be successful they need to constantly develop better information technology systems and work flow processes that increase efficiency.



Paper on Demand: Moving to Paperless Systems

More and more modern leaning governments looking to become more efficient are reviewing how to implement paperless systems but must still allow some paper into the mix.



Paper on Demand: Paperless/Green Systems (Part 2)

More and more modern leaning governments looking to become more efficient are reviewing how to implement paperless systems but realize they must still allow some paper into the mix.



Sell, Sell, Sell

In trying to promote Information Technology innovative ideas, selling is needed:



Innovation in Information Technology for Local Governments and Other Public Administration Organizations

Information Technology innovation ideas can offer some good cost savings.



Regional Data Centers for Local Government – Information Technology Efficiency

Information Technology Regional Data Centers that can be shared can offer

some tremendous cost savings.



Skilled Employees, Good Work Environment and Pay Needed to Achieve Success in the 21st Century

Today, much like in the past, computer systems are only as good as the people who develop them.



How to Create Good Accomplishments Using Technology and Management Improvements

As a former CIO, I have had the good luck of only having one failed experience over a 30+ year career in local government and that was corrected within 90 days.



After I was tasked with upgrading the Bureau’s communications and record keeping capabilities,  Bob created a modern system using computer technology, automated files, and information retrieval techniques that became the stand for many other police departments.


James A. Dobbs,

Captain of Police (Retired)

Bob’s founding of the Pima County area’s Justice Partners group, a cross-jurisdictional effort on behalf of all criminal justice agencies, provided for automatic information sharing, including electronic law enforcement reports, file transfers, and video conferencing, that led to a level of cooperation among city and county agencies that had not occurred before, along with saving time and money.


James C. Wysocki,

Tucson Police Department (Retired)


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