We Focus on Results!


Innovative Thinking, Sustainable Outcomes!


Cost Efficient Solutions . . . Yielding a Positive Return on Investment


Communication . . . Saving Time and $$$

Video/Audio Conferencing

Cost effective meetings, interviews, and professional development


Interactive Web and Intranet Systems

Enhancing employee communication and customer satisfaction


Document Management and Storage (Internal, The Cloud, Paper on Demand)

Sharing data 24/7 with increased efficiency


Digital Signatures

Secure document signing


Mobile Car Computers

Wireless networks connected to your central computer system


Security & Risk Management . . . Protecting Assets

ID Cards & Biometrics

Secure ID or fingerprint access to computers, facilities, etc.


Data Backup and Recovery

Disaster recovery for floods, fire, chemicals, mold, etc.


Maintenance & Replacement Inventory System

Automate alerts for maintaining or replacing items


Accounting / eCommerce / Inventory . . .  Increase Your Bottom-line

Interactive websites (Order products, Pay for services)

Customer satisfaction and loyalty


Inventory Tracking, and Pilferage Prevention

Enhancing inventory and purchasing systems


Paperless Processing Systems

Speeding up billing and electronic payments to earn more interest


First Responders, Law & Government . . . Public Safety & Civic Responsibility

Reverse 911 Systems (Reporting Emergencies)

Local governments, Businesses calling, emailing, texting citizens in the event of an emergency and updating during disasters


Police and Fire Records System (Wireless high speed vehicle and desktop computers searching millions of records, citations, warrants, pre-plans, etc.)

Protecting the public while saving $$$, time, and energy


Digital Photography (Mug Shot Database, Evidence, Accidents, Disasters, etc)

Search, distribute, apprehend, file claims


AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System)

Electronic fingerprint processing


Codes Enforcement Systems

Dispatching and reporting, Building layouts, inspections, hazardous conditions, Fire hydrant flow supply and conditions . . . Saving lives


Law Suits

E-discovery with OCR (Optical Character Reading) for faster searches


Criminal Justice, Court Filing & Procedure Systems

(Electronic filing and sharing of subpoenas, citations, indictments, Video arraignments. Electronic systems for Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Private Law Firms, Recorder of Deeds, Registrar of Wills, Prothonotary) . . . Reducing costs


Streamlining Business Systems


Focusing on Businesses, Government, Education, and Nonprofits


21st Century Processes that Reduce Costs and Increase Your Bottom Line!


The Idea People for Cost Efficient Technology


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